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Friday, May 13, 2005

Work that Will Go Unnoticed

I do things for a neighbor, not big important things, but little things. He's been a widower for about a year. A man without a woman is -- well -- all thumbs.

This particular gentleman is wider than tall, if you know what I mean. He has trouble finding jeans that are short enough in the legs and wide enough around the waist, so I shorten his jeans for him. (Note -- since he got out of the Army, he's not worn anything but jeans. Even to his wife's funeral.)

I had to shorten three pair for him yesterday -- they were in the way of the project I wanted to do. It took me maybe half an hour, because my sewing machine has some great features that make the work easy. But it's the matter of measuring and making that first cut in the first pantleg that makes me hesitant to get started.

Between you and me, one pantleg didn't cooperate -- it just didn't come out too straight. Well, I went ahead and did the best I could.

Do you think anyone will notice when he strolls through a WalMart or rides his lawnmower? I don't...ah, the work that goes unnoticed.


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