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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It Took All Afternoon

I have a quilt to make. My best friend's daughter got married Saturday and I had so many other things to take care of before I could set aside time to make her quilt that I set my deadline at the end of the summer. Well, the beginning of the summer is upon us, so today I dragged out fabric, pattern and templates to tackle the job.

Things began going wrong when I looked at the fabric requirements. There is a dirty little secret about fabric requirements -- the patterns usually call for more than you really need. They say that is to cover miscut problems, but I know it's just so the quilt shop can sell me more fabric. Even so, you have to come close in length before you start cutting, because you just might have come across an honest pattern maker.

So I shifted part A to parts B and C because I have a lot of the fabric I'd planned to use for part A. Lots of that fabric, as in, I buy a lot of fabric I like. Which meant that what I was going to use for part D is not quite enough for part A, but what I had put aside for part E -- well, the store still has more of that...all I need to get if...well, do you see my problem?

So I chucked it all into the shopping bag it was in and grabbed a big plastic bin of scraps! There is a pattern in that box that takes 31 square and a heck of a lot of scraps cut into strips...

So I happily cut squares for the other quilt while trying to think of ways to get someone to drive me to the just hope they still have some of that fabric, or I'll have to get something else. Which wouldn't neccessary be a bad thing...


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