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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

There's Always Something To Do

The color has come late to the trees this year. The weather has stayed warm and fairly dry, the the leaves are just withering on the trees and dropping. But the maples have started to come through with orange and red.

There's a lot of work to do in the fall garden. This spring I dug up a group of white daffodils that have been in the back yard for many years -- so many that they had about given up blooming. It a fit of energy one day -- maybe it took two days -- I dug up as many as I could find and put them aside to plant this fall, along with some other bulbs that were crying for a new place to grow. Last week I was reminded of them -- when I needed the pail they were in for something else.

We planted them yesterday in a place that gets too much summer shade for perennials, but will be great for spring bulbs. We covered them with some of the leaves that have fallen -- as if that is a precious commodity! I hope the white daffodils will like it there and bloom heartily. Of course, my dreams are always better than the eventual reality.

But what's a garden for!


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