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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Visiting the Used Bread Store

It was a nice Tuesday morning, and it was a pleasant drive over to the bread outlet. This is our usual Tuesday Social Event. We get to watch the progress of all the spots along the way.

A horse farm has recently changed hands and a fancy new fence is going up. A little way further along, the farm where the woman who machine quilts used to live was being shown to prospective buyers. An old house didn't have anyone working on it for the first time in weeks, but a nearby church is being expanded and today there were workers putting up the steel frame for the roof above the entrance. All this excitement, and the best was yet to come!

Today is the birthday of the young woman who runs the Used Bread Store. Husband made apple bread yesterday and took her some. Imagine! She has all sorts of goodies there and she gets excited about what he takes her. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her, and the other two customers just laughed.

And today, my husband's card was full so we got all the bread and rolls for the week and paid only $.42!

Do we need a life or what!


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