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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Weather Has Changed

We didn't get much rain from Hurricane Rita, but what we did get was gentle and went a long way to re-establishing our vegetation. Yesterday and again this morning, we got some good rain that cooled things off nicely.

On our outing today -- over to the garbage dump -- we noticed that the signs of fall are becoming more pronounced. Trees are beginning to change.

But there are some confusing signs, too. While we were gardening yesterday, pulling wild asters and golden rod and trimming back the iris for the winter, we discovered crocuses coming up. Then today when we dropped by a friend's house, we saw that his pear tree was blooming. The long dry spell has the plants confused.

I like fall. I like the colorful leaves and the cool, clear days. Not much on winter or summer, but I love fall and spring.


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