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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hey! I Said Dibs on the Supreme Court Gig!

Well, I'm bummed! I was barely up and swigging my first cup of tea this morning when I heard on NPR that the Prez had named him nominee for the Surpeme Court vacancy. Well, dern, it wasn't me!

I had my heart set on that puppy! Granted, black isn't my first choice of wardrobe colors and those robes aren't exactly haut couture, but I'm flexible.

They say anybody can be a Supreme Court justice. It takes more common sense and social consciousness than anything else. I got that. So my highest degree is a B.S. in Teaching English -- but that's promarily what they speak, huh? After all, the gal Bush named has never been a judge of anything. I used to judge parades! (And to this day, I swear I was NOT dancing on the table when that beer got spilled on the master sheet! But do you think they believed me? No!)

Anyway, I'm glad Bush did pick a woman. That'll keep peace in his family.


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