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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to Abnormal

I got my computer back this noon. It was a hard almost two weeks. I lost four incomplete projects.

I'm about to go back and reconstruct one of the projects and press on to finishing it, because in this time with nothing to do (so far as writing was concerned) I worked out an ending.

But I'm wondering if I have a better beginning in me somewhere. Should I just cut out all the scene-setting I usually go through and cut to the really explosive moment that sets everything in motion? This would make the reader have to fill in here and there, get the mind working, rather than being told everything.

This is a question I frequently ask myself. I've often wanted the reader to work to find the story, but when I was writing formulaic romances, the editors didn't like that concept.

But I'm back to writing! What a rush!


Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

Sometimes, when I am away from my writing I get wonderful ideas. I just have to remember to jot them down, or they evaporate. :^)

5:44 PM  

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