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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Brighter Side of a Dark Cloud

My computer was hit by a power surge a week ago. Worse, my son's suffered the same calamity. His only needed a new power supply, so it is now back home and feeling fine. Mine is still in critical condition.

My hard drive is in a deep freeze, and hopes of resussitation are fading. There are four unfinished projects which -- alas -- had not been backed up recently. A hard lesson. Back when I was using floppies, I backed up every time I added anything.

But I have been able to step back and think of my main project is terms that I had not considered before. I think this time of wanting so desperately to work on it and not having access to the text is giving me new insights into possibilities, philosophical angles and optional conflicts. I'm hoping this will improve the end product.

But it is back to floppies --or writeable CDs at the very least!


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