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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ever Read an e-Book?

I am so proud of one of my "children" that I've sent out into the world. My book, TIME OF POSSESSION, is number 11 on the Romances list of my publisher Hard Shell Word Factory.

The thing is, that poor (in fortune only) little book has had a rough life. I wrote it in the early '80s, putting a lot of my heart and soul into it. But the publishers at the time had a bias against sports figures as heros and writers as heroines. They wanted books set in LA or NYC or the mountain states, and this book was set in Pittsburgh. They wanted books set in warm months. This book is set in December, the Christmas season (which was out of style at the time, too).

Mary Z. Wolf at Hard Shell Word Factory liked it, though, and brought it out in 1998 so I could go to Pittsburgh, have a KDKA radio interview, sell books in Kaufmann's department store and get some good buzz. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton chose the day before to bomb Iraq and my interview was preempted by Sen. Santorum. The signing was a bust. It was too soon for people to have any idea what an e-book is.

One dear, librarian-looking woman asked if the title meant that the book dealt in the occult.... That gave me pause.

Anyway, if you want to try an e-book, like sports heroes and heroines who have a lot of angst to deal with, and need that Christmas feeling, please check out TIME OF POSSESSION. You can even read a chapter of it on the site -- free.


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