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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Promoting Yet Again

I found out something that might be of interest to romance readers, or any readers for that matter.

First of all, if you go to and click on the ebookstore and Romance, all the books there are 20% off! I have several books there, so you can do a search for Jane Bierce, or slide down the first page of romances to # 15 (Wozzah!) and click on my name.

Or, you can go to and check out the Regency romances that are new this month...they sound wonderful to those of us who are fans of that genre.
(I can't write them because I can't do all that research and keep it straight!)

So in this month of Valentines and all the mushy sentimentality, if you are feeling a little left out, check out ebooks. REMEMBER that these publishers and many others let you read a chunk of the book before you buy, and in a more comfortable place than on the bookstore floor!


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