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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Hate Weeds!

Now,I have a firm belief that there is a reason why everything was placed on earth. Or why everything developed. Adapted. Whatever the current theory is, I could probably find some logic in it.

I'm not so sure it applies to weeds. Oh, I can see the beauty in dandelions, violets (which we don't try to eradicate for aesthetic reasons), wild geraniums and a few other attractive plants. There are medicinal uses for plantain and sassafras. But can anyone tell me what good thistles, sticky weed and crab grass are?

Unfortunately, we have an over-abundance of the last three. I spray and spray and spray, but since we live in the country, it is all pretty much in vain. So long as there is a westerly wind, they all will migrate, right toward my delphiniums, hostas and iris.

Who wins? The people who make the weed-killer, that's who!


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