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Friday, April 08, 2005

I Love Weekends!

I especially love the second weekend of the month. On that Saturday morning, a friend and I, and sometimes her mother, go to Sevierville to the Cherry Pit, to Sampler Saturday. In January, you pay $5 and you get a packet of fabric and the pattern to make a quilt block. If you show up every second Saturday after that with your block done, you get another packet, so you can end the year with twelve quilt blocks and all you have paid it $5. It's a good deal.

The catch is that you have to sit for about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes while the owner of the store shows you all the new fabrics and patterns and gimmicks that have come in, and you have to show her your block. And sometimes you see a gorgeous piece of fabric and you have to buy it--well, sometimes you just do have to replenish your stash.

So I am working on my third Sampler Saturday quilt and I really enjoy the gatherings. It gets me out of the house. It redistributes what wealth I have. It cheers me up.

What's not to love about Weekends?


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