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Monday, April 18, 2005

It's Hard To Blog...

....When there is a new Keepsake Quilting Newsletter on my and yellow fabric, a pattern for Island Pants! The level of drool on the desk gets intolerable.

...When the rose bush needs to be sprayed for black spot fungus, and have the effected leaves taken off. I just want to get out in the sun and clear, warm air and do something, even though so far what I have been doing hasn't worked.

...When there is a half-finished baby dress beside my sewing machine. About two hours work would finish it. But the dress is a Size 1 and the baby is less than three months old. I know she's going to grow fast, but she lives in Minnesota, so she won't really need it for a bit.

...When a book is taking shape in the back of my mind. Characters are forming, thinking of wild rides to take my mind on.

But I did it anyway!!!


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