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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Imagining a Conversation

Remember Bob Newhart's old comedy routines, where he talked to someone on the telephone, trying to be business like and reasonable, and you filled in the other half of the conversation? The individual in the audience entertained himself, really, thinking what the other person might be saying, and why.

Well, I was thinking something along those lines today. I reflected about the EPIC conference I went to last month. We had a sort of Open Mic thing where some of our members read things they had written, snippets that enterained us.

One fellow, Murdoch Hughes (who won an EPPIE the following night for Murder in LePaz) approached the microphone with something grey and furry on his head. He read a well-considered piece he'd written about being a vegan werewolf.

Now, what struck me today was -- well -- where did he get that thing on his head? I met his wife. She's a lovely person with a very calm aire about her. So I was thinking, of her end of the conversation.

"You need what? -- You think I can make something for you to wear on your head. -- You want it to look like--Well, yes, grey fur would make it look authentic, but --"

I'd better not go any further with this. If I don't laugh, I'm going to get a headache!


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