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Friday, April 22, 2005

Hail on the Chief

I live in a staunchly Republican area of Tennessee. This is Bill Frist country. The fact that I'm registered for the opposing party gets me widely ignored. I feel like an outcast, but that's okay, because I've generally been an outcast, a minority. Even when I was a Republican, I was a minority.

The President was supposed to go to Cade's Cove this noon to give a speech honoring the Smoky Mountains National Park. He didn't get there. His trip to the park got as far as McGhee-Tyson airport and that was it. We had Rain! We had Wind! We had Hail!

I have been known as a weather witch, stopping bad weather to keep a parade running on time, making it rain when we need it. I've even been accused of turning off the electricity in six states, although I contend I'm the one who turned it back on.

If anyone comes looking for me, saying that I made it hail on the Chief, I'm not talking. I'm thinking -- but I'm not talking.


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