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Monday, April 25, 2005

A Narrow Escape

My husband and I were working in the garden Friday morning, edging it with a black plastic bumper between the nice plants and the weeds (the weeds are winning, BTW), when I heard a strange wood-creaking sound. Looking around the first time, I saw nothing unusual. Husband, of course, heard nothing. I heard the sound a second time and ascertained the direction it was coming from -- a big tree beside the driveway.

The third time, a limb splintered from the trunk and started to fall, to be caught in the V of the branch of another tree that grows adjacent to the first. Luckily, My husband was about four feet away from the branch, but I think he was somewhat shaken. We finished our work, avoiding walking under the branches.

About an hour later, we had a wild storm with wind, rain and even hail, but the limbs remained still attatched to their trees. They did succumb to being pulled down by my husband's truck, however, and are on their way to being firewood. I'm glad we took care of the situation. Bright and early this morning, the propane tanker came to check our tank.


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