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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Trouble With Trees

This house is blessed with trees -- too many of them at times. There are old trees, middle-aged trees, young trees and some we foolishly bought ourselves. I've recounted the experience we had a couple weeks ago, but today I move on to another aspect of our tree-abundance.

One of the old trees (and I'm talking at least one hundred years old here) has a habit of dropping limbs in awkward places. We try to take off obviously dead limbs, but we are limited in our abilities. A chain saw is handy, but not the full answer.

Once you cut a limb down, you have to put it somewhere! On the burn pile which is behind the shed -- way behind the shed. The person who stays on the ground -- me -- gets this part of the chore.

Well, at least today, I got my exercise. So I guess the afternoon wasn't a total loss.


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