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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Old-time Movies

We were sitting around the table last night talking about movies. Our son had run across a new list of 100 best old movies, and we were skeptical.

About the only time I went to very many movies was when my husband and I were courting. The old Penn Theatre in Titusville, PA -- now a parking lot -- was a place to go for a cheap date, and particularly cheap for us.

The woman who ran the booth in front of the theatre knew my then-boyfriend slightly, and knew that he had a younger sister. And I looked much younger than I was. So she charged him the child's price for me -- all of 22 cents! He was in the service then, and didn't have much money, so he never told her any different.

I remember the night he got out of the service...we celebrated by going to the movie. It was Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. We were early and were walking into the end of the movie just as Jerry Lewis opened his watch and it played The Marine Corps Hymn. We laughed so hard that we had to find seats quickly so people wouldn't notice us.

I haven't been to a movie in years...there are very few I wnat to see. The language is rough, the situations unwholesome, the prices too high. We wait a few years and see them on television or on DVD, make our own popcorn and rewind is we miss something. I guess the era has passed.


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