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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Simple Minds Are Easily Amused

My husband likes to buy cheap things from catalogs. We never know what is going to show up! The last shipment, however, had something that is keeping him happy -- a hand-crank paper shredder. It came last Wednesday and was an immediate hit. We compost as much as possible, but even with all our trees, we run out of mulch long before we run out of things that need roots covered against the winter blasts.

Enter the paper shredder and all the junk that comes in the mail! Charity appeals, church bulletins, old quilt patterns, copies of emails -- all that was collected up and run between little blades. At last count, it came to three garbage bags crammed full.

It did my heart good to see husband in his recliner last night, TV turned to the Colts/Patriots game, the intermittent whirr of the little machine -- that grin on husband's face. Maybe in a former life he was an organ grinder -- or the organ grinder's monkey.

I just hope he doesn't notice the quilting fabric catalog that came in today's mail. We're out of garbage bags...


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