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Friday, October 28, 2005

Who Needs A Drug Program?

I turned sixty-five today. This has not been too much of a shock to my system -- I knew it would happen. But what is a shock is how much the Government wants to intrude in my life.

I appreciate having a Social Security account -- I don't see the money because the household budget takes it all. It's hard for a writer to know when she retires, anyway, but back a couple of years ago we were on vacation and the transmission went, so I "retired" so we could pay for it.

A month or so I went through the throes of finding a doctor and signing up for a "Health Plan." I haven't gotten around to see the doctor yet -- I've been too busy. And too healthy -- except I have a little cold, but that's nothing.

On NPR this morning they did a segment about the "Drug Plan" senior citizens are being lumbered with. It's already been declared a MESS! Too many plans, too many variables... Sheesh!

But this is where it stands for me. I haven't been to a physician since 1980, and that was because I have been in an accident and was in the hospital for three days. The only lasting effect was a hernia -- and I'm so lazy, the only way I would get a hernia is by accident. I had my last child in 1970.

I'm not on any drugs, so how would I have any idea what plan I need? I have an allergy to dogs, so I stay away from dogs, or take an over-the-counter allergy/sinus/cold pill. I buy a new box at the Dollar Store every year whether I need one of not. Some women take hormones -- I eat raw carrots once in a while.

I;m going to have to wait until I need drugs to sign up for a drug program -- and then probably have to pay a penalty -- for being too healthy!


Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

Congratulations on the birthday--also on your good health. Enjoy it!

5:23 PM  

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