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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Social Event -- Thursday

Today was our day to get groceries. We go to the Save-A-Lot, in addition to going to the "used bread store" (see Tuesday social schedule). We generally feed a family of three adults for about $60 a week. None of us are getting really plump, but we don't want to, so that works.

The Save-A-Lot has a good meat section, but in the rest of the store, most choices are simpler -- take it or leave it. They have a Mexican section I have yet to master. The frozen food cases break down often, but then, they were second-hand when the place opened nine years ago.

The benefits outweigh the liabilities. When you walk in the door, the checkout clerks yell "Hi," and ask how you are today. If the manager is around, he's friendly. The guys who stock the shelves will run and get something for you if it's back in the stock room and there isn't any on the floor.

Then there are the other regular customers. Today I saw a lady who is usually there with her three sisters, but one is shut in and the other had to take care of another family member today. Even though I have a cold, she had to give me a hug.

The checkout clerk went to another register to get me a bag of coughdrops when I asked her is they were carrying them yet this season. And on the way out, the fellow who stocks the frozen foods came running after us, saying that he has butter-pecan ice cream now -- he'd been out of it for a few weeks.

We'll have to go back Saturday to get ice cream. We can't disappoint loyalty like that.


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