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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Best of Both Worlds

I got a postcard today saying that the annual QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge is the second weekend of March, instead of the third -- which is EPICon in San Antonio.

This points up on the dilemmas in my life -- how to balance the quilting with the writing with the presidency of EPIC with the gardening. Whew! I'm busy most of the year, but right now I slow down to a walk for the holidays.

For instance, yesterday we planted trees. Now big trees, very small trees. Ten of them, in small containers. We used the kitchen table for the project. But in a few years, they will be huge. Maybe.

Yesterday, I also finished a quilt, a gift for a friend of my son. From a distance it looks great -- up close, well, I could have done better. But it will be out of the house!

I've spent a lot of time at the computer lately on EPIC business. So I haven't been able to write. I've been working on a book in my head, a huge idea, similar to ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS, which was my first ebook. Only this will be more cutting edge, more controversial. I'm hoping, if I can find a publisher for it, that it will sell a huge number of books. Maybe a quarter of s million, maybe a million. I'll probably happily settle for 5000 and a movie deal.

Anyway -- that's my world.


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