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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Older They Get...

Husband put on his baseball cap and headed out the door. He had that look in his eye! Earlier in the day, on our Monday dump/dollar store/post office run he narrowly missed the pot hole that snapped two wheel covers off the Buick a month ago. Darn that hole was deep. I'd heard him hatching a plot then, as we picked the wheel covers up on the way back home that first time -- "bring shovel...get some gravel from the parking lot of the trucking company..." Luckily the trucking company moved out.

He had a few minutes open this afternoon, and said something about putting the shovel in the car. Oh, no, I thought as he drove away...fully expecting to get a call from him, begging me to come to the County Courthouse, with my checkbook. I could see the headlines in the newspaper, maybe even on the TV. "Man caught filling pot hole--Wife refuses to bail him out!"

The reporter would quote me: "He's a repeat offender at taking on projects he thinks the locals are ignoring. Back when we were in Erie, he put the lawn mower in the car and went to mow a playground. The only thing that made him come home was that he ran out of gas. And me sitting home with a baby, wondering what would become of him. That was a rough neighborhood."

This time he came home a little sooner than I expected him. He had to wait for a county truck with asphalt in it when he left the drive. It turned onto the road he was going to in front of him. By the time he got to the hole, they were already fixing it.

That hole had only been stealing wheel covers for two months -- I can't think what the hurry was!


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