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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

This is my unofficial national holiday, as a romance writer. That's why my period-key is sticky today with a little dab of Russell Stover's coconut-center chocolate. I'll eventually get it off there, just in time to get some maple-center on it.

Actually, it was a neighbor who gave us a 3-pound box of chocolates from the outlet store at exit 407 on I-40. Y'all know that's where you turn to go to DollyWood. The trouble with chocolates is that you have to share. Same with cake, ice cream and liquid refreshments. You have to share flowers, too, but that's not as painful.

Even though I have kept the love-handles off, I'm too old for sexy lingerie.

Love is mostly in the mind anyway. Hm...the slash-key has something sticky on it, maybe. Did I mention that is it a really good box of seconds?


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