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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My husband and I love asparagus, and there is nothing like it when it is picked fresh and steamed lightly.

We have lived in places where it grows wild, so when we would see it growing wild, we would know we could grow our own. But it takes several years and some rather specific care to grow it to maturity. And we moved every three years. Just at the time when we would think we would get a crop the next year, my husband would get transferred.

The last time we planted asparagus, we sold our house by land contract -- which means the new buyers senT us their payment every month and we would pay the mortgage and insurance from their payment. Most months, there would be a little note telling us important neighborhood happenings. One month the message was, "We really enjoyed your asparagus this spring!"

We bought some asparagus plants today, and I intend to get them in the ground shortly. You see, we had wild plants growing in the yard, but they never send up enough sprouts to make a meal.

We're getting old, though. Do you expect there is asparagus in heaven?


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