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Friday, August 26, 2005

I Don't Do Hurricanes -- Anymore

We moved from Pennsylvania to Florida in '79 -- and got the heck out of there in '96.

But still, when I see a hurricane bearing down on Florida (I'm obsessed with time-lapse weather maps) I cringe. We weren't in Florida two months when Hurricane David blew in. Then Fredrick, as I recall. And there have been some others that put a crimp in us. I tried to look at hurricanes as blizzards without snow. Well, that didn't help...

I've been called a Weather Witch. I've been known to keep rain from coming down on parades, and delaying it until after the festivities. Lately, I've been looking at those weather maps and figuring out what hurricanes are going to do better than the prognosticators. I knew, for instance, that Katrina was going to come in a good 18 hours before the weather guys said it would, and I'm not surprised that they "adjusted" the expected path to hit the Panhandle instead of New Orleans. I still think they've got it plotted a little too far west -- but that's just me.

I remember Elena with the most discomfort. We were living in Hernando County, FL at the time, and Elena sat off Cedar Key for 24 hours, just pounding us with Westerlies.
Okay, a whole day of wind blowing through your breezeway is harrowing enough, but we had husband's parents and one of their neighbors with us, because they lived on a canal on the other side of US 19 and had been ordered to evacuate.

So I don't do hurricanes any more -- I just watch them on the computer screen and guess...


Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

My in-laws live on the eastern side of US 19. Supposedly, that is the "safe" zone, but I still wouldn't want to be there when there's a hurricane.

Last year's hurricane season was so scary, my in-laws thought of moving back north. But then came winter and things settled down.

I like NJ.

8:40 AM  

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