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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

There's Always a Way

We've been using the Internet for about eight years, and with two computer hounds in the house and one phone line, it's taken some doing. After a few months of people complaining that they could never reach us on the phone, we decided to have an hour when we would not be on the phone -- 7-8 PM local time -- so that people could call us. We cheerfully call it the Dead Hour.

Well, the complaints lessened somewhat, but people still seem to try to get away with not communicating with us by saying that the phone is busy when they try to get us. (Yeah, sure...I'm skeptical.) We've put our names on just about every "Don't Call" list extant. We still get an occasional call from someone trying to sell us something, but not very often...I guess those lists work. I've been known to take down the offending caller's info and threaten to pass it on to authorities. Now that REALLY gets their attention.

Some people do get through, because we're not on line all the time. My daughter complains that she can't remember when the Dead Hour is, and it's not convenient for her even if she does. But we are blissfully interruption free most of the time.


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