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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to Work

I mentioned cleaning out the stash cupboard to find quilt tops and fabric to finish the started quilts. Well, at present, the cleaning out part is done -- the putting away still unaccomplished.

Part of the stumbling block has been that a neighbor wanted to get rid of a computer desk and my husband said, why, yes, Jane would take it off your hands.

Now, look around your work-station. How neat is it? How easy would it be for you to unexpectedly accept the largesse of a new computer desk? How much work would it be to disassemble the computer, clear the desk, assemble a new desk, reassemble the computer, reassemble the necessary flotsam and jetsam necessary to work at the desk -- and disassemble the old desk, which by the way helped out by partially falling apart?

Did that sentence tire you out? Just thinking about it has me all tired out again.

The overriding question at the moment is: "Will I ever need the various and sundry items crammed into the box under the desk or will they become a time-capsule to be excavated from a landfill in some future archeological dig?"


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