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Thursday, September 01, 2005

We're Right! That Chromosome IS Defective!

This morning on the NPR Morning Editon, there was a piece about the chromosomal abnormalities creeping into the Y chromosome of chimpanzees in comparison with Human males. The male humans are losing their bits and pieces, though more slowly than the chimps.


Case Study -- Just before lunch, my husband of way toooo many years announced that we were going to tour the covered health providers in the area who are enrolled in the program he thinks I should go with for my Medicare Supplmental Coverage. Now, his navigational skills and powers of observation vis-a-vis highway numbers has been lacking for -- a long time. We realized, together, that we were on the wrong highway to get where we were going, and turned back toward town.

We made a quick stop to renew my driver's license -- not due till the end of the month, but with the price of gas these days, better safe than sorry. As we left the office and were crossing the street, he asked me if I had asked where Rt. 411 was.
My rejoinder was that I had been busy while he'd just been waiting for me -- he should have asked.

I fell back on my perhaps tasteless observation that, if the men who were leading the Exodus from Egypt had asked directions, they wouldn't have been lost in the desert for 40 years. Besides, he had been in a room that had two huge maps of the County on the WALL!

I pause here to shake my head.

Then I read again the notation and figured out how to get there even though I didn't know the number of the road. The road was windy, as only a Tennessee road can wind. I reflected that I might not want to have to endure it were I to have certain kinds of illness. Nonetheless, we persevered. We found the place. And I approved it.

He decided to see where the unfamiliar road went. I thought I'd been on it once before. Oh, yes! I really began to have serious doubts when I saw that we were entering the next county.

He wanted to look at more doctor's offices. I said, "Not today."

I think I'm going to opt for God striking me dead in perfect health at the age of 97. I'll have wasted all those Medicare premiums, but I won't have to go to a doctor's office.


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