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Friday, September 02, 2005

Cleaning Out the Stash Cupboard

Two features in this house attracted my attention many years ago when we decided to buy it. One was the sun porch which was long enough to accomodate my quilting frame. At that time, the frame was fairly new, and it has gotten a lot of use since, but it may soon be retired. It takes too long to hand quilt a quilt, and my wrists are giving me grief when I type, weed or sew too much. Shifting from one hobby to the other doesn't give the same relief anymore. But that's not the point.

The other feature was a closet in the dining room, perhaps the one closet in the house when all there was was the dining room, back about 1870, if not a couple decades before. The closet is my stash cupboard, for all my fabric -- almost all my fabric. My closet runneth over.

But this afternoon I'm going to risk tiring my wrists by -- hold on -- sorting out my stash closet. You might wonder why I am wasting time on neatness when people are in need in several states of our country. That is the point! There are unfinished quilt tops in there, amid scraps and lengths of fabric. Somewhere in those depths, amidst the clutter are tops to be finished for people who have suffered severe losses.

One of the people is my daughter's mother-in-law-to-be. Two women are a romance writer and her mother whom I have never met. While I search, while I finish the quilts, I will be thinking of these people, sending strengthening thoughts to them, and then they'll have the quilts. Maybe I can make other things from my stash cupboard -- we'll see. But this is something I can do that is needed, and I'll know where my quilts go.

Katrina is a disaster that, in historical perspective, will dwarf 9/11. Washington in dithering, relief is overwhelmed. There are small bits of action we can each take to help.


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