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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Call Me a Doctor, Part II

My husband was pressing to get me to make out paperwork for the HMO plan yesterday -- when, of course, I didn't want to do it. For one thing, it's hard for me to read forms, etc. because they have lines and boxes, and I have double vision as close range like that. As you will remember, I'd picked out the rural place.

To make out the paperwork, you have to name a doctor. Well, dern! I looked through the names, and being a woman, wanted a woman doctor. I decided to call the place and see which names on the list were still active (because, of course, it would put a crimp in the process if the doctor had left the practice). I decided to call. Got one of those screech-screech noises in my ear. Yep -- it was long distance.

Sure, the thing you want to have happen when you are sick is to be on hold long distance, huh?

So we checked out another place today. I got smart this time -- I used Mapquest. Didn't get the address quite right, but found the street. Found the place. It was neat, bright, several people in the modern waiting room which was well-lighted. It had the prerequisite rubbing-alcohol scent that gives one assurance. The doctor in question is taking new patients -- another big item on the list.

I think I'm all set -- when I get over the shock of how much the government is taking out of my SS check for Medicare and how much I'm going to have to pay for the HMO program. Then will come the prescription program charge to come later.

Stay tuned.


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