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Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally -- Rain!

We haven't had any rain here in Eastern Tennessee for a coon's age. Nothing from Katrina or Ophelia, nothing from cold fronts moving in from the West, nothing from disturbances coming up from the Gulf.

The clay soil was parched and cracked. There were times when I was hoeing weeds in the garden that the clay was hard as brick, and other times when the dust would choke me.

But it was raining this morning, a gentle, soaking rain that went on for hours without much of a wind, no thunder or lightning. Leaves that were drooping are perking up. I can breathe again.

But October is our driest month. I hope we can survive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Send some rain my way, Jane! Folks think because I live in Florida, I have all the rain I need.

Not! :P

We're dry and dusty in parts of the state, unfortunately. Enjoy your blog. If you get a chance, visit mine.


4:06 PM  

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