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Thursday, September 15, 2005

There Is a Reason...

I make quilts. Sometimes, I start making a quilt top and lose interest and it goes, incomplete, into the stash cupboard. Maybe unconnected blocks reappear to become a set of coordinated pillows or placemats. More often, they just sit quietly. Maybe the top gets made, but I don't have any reason to finish it right now -- something else can come along and be more important at the moment, or I'm writing a book, or working in the garden, and forget about it.

Maybe I just don't have a lot of emotional connection to the project. Sometimes that's a good thing, because along comes a NEED and I can whip that unfinished object -- known technically in quilting circles as a UFO -- into something someone needs. This isn't generally an instant process -- it still takes time, like gardening takes time, and writing a book takes time -- but it can jump to the sewing machine table and become an obsession, which gets it finished and out the door.

So there is a reason I started something and don't have it finished -- yet. There will be a NEED, and it will get done and it will comfort someone.


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