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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Work Is Cut Out For Me

One of the email groups I can't live without is about quilting. We all complain about not having enough time to do the projects we have lined up to do, so someone came up with the great idea of having us register the projects (UFOs) we have and see how many of them we can get done in the next six months.

Well, to start counting my UFOs (unfinished objects), I first had to dive into my half of the dining room which I frequently "shamblize" in the process of starting something, working on it and (maybe) finishing. (Besides, the preacher is coming for lunch tomorrow.) Among the scraps, fabric lengths, patterns and books, I kept finding to-do lists of varying ages -- listing some of the same projects I was running into as I piled them into a clothes basket.

Never mind that I was busy all fall doing sewing projects. Two quilts have actually been finished and are now in the hands of people I made them for. Two little girls have new dresses for Christmas. Many women will be putting tissue packs in nice little covers that will be easier to find in their purses. A new bride will be serving dinners on a set of placemats. But that doesn't make much difference when that part of the room looks so messy.

Okay, things look better now. I just hope the preacher doesn't take too long to finish his lunch!


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