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Monday, February 28, 2005

I LOVE This Rollercoaster!

Last night I was checking my books again, scrolling down the romance best sellers list at and found out that my book Diamond in the Rough is doing very well. My books are taking turns leading the pack, and then dropping back again, and now it's Diamond's turn.

It's a sweet romance, meaning that there is no really explicit graphic sex, but it dwells on the period when the heroine and hero first meet until they realize that there is a relationship building between them.

She is an image consultant, hired to turn the company's vice-president from a mountain man into a tradeshow salesman. Her firm's future depends on it, and as he starts digging into the state of affairs back at the office, he realizes the camping supplies company needs his serious efforts to keep it going. But he can't resist the urge to make her life miserable.

There are some really good laughs in this one!


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