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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I Gotta Crow!

Last night I found out that EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, ranks second in Preditors and Editors survey of resources for writers. I am so proud of the EPIC organization.

Back in '97, romance writer Florence Moyer and I kept running into each other on the Net because we had a common quest -- information about and outlets for publishing our book electronically. One day she suggested forming an email loop, including other romance authors she knew, a couple of whom were electronically published.

I was then and am today technically challenged, but the idea caught my interest. "Sounds good," I said with my habitual enthusiasm for rushing into things I know nothing about, "but how would you do that?" Well, by dinnertime, she had. Two people became seven, and seven twelve, and now we have about 430 members around the world, in USA, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, and even in some countries where we have only one member. I am currently President of EPIC -- my tenure ends in a matter of weeks, and I have enjoyed serving my fellow-writers very much.

Our members include published authors, publishers, editors, cover artists and other electronic publishing professionals.

What do we offer? A place where a writer can get information about electronic publishing, publishers, copyright registration procedures, etc. Next month we will be having a conference in Long Beach, CA, aboard the Queen Mary, where we will award our EPPIEs, the award for excellence in many categories of writing.

If you are interested in learning more about EPIC, go to


Blogger Gail Northman Exec Editor Triskelion Publishing said...

And I'm thrilled to be a member of such an awesome organisation. Living in the UK as I do I'm sad that I am unable to make the Conference however, next year I'm going to do my best. So far I'm traveling the US for RT and then home for a short while then Frankfurt next year I see me travling to the Epic Conference RT and Frankfurt twice. I shall be thinking of you all while you are on the Queen Mary...

9:37 AM  

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