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Friday, February 18, 2005

And the Gardening Begins

Although we can't be certain that the frosts will end for another two months, we have begun the gardening. Not just the weeding, which is well done this time of year, because every weed you pull now saves pulling ten later on. But the things that don't mind the cold.

Yesterday, we noticed that one of the discount stores had saplings out, so we took a look at them. It pays to size up the trees you plan to buy fairly stringently. These had sturdy, regular trunks, nice branching, few broken branches. Now, one of the things you might not know about me is that I was born in the days of Victory Gardens. I've been gardening since I was two years old. I have the touch.

We got two dwarf apple trees, a Golden Delicious and a Red Delicious. Now, I have always thought that whoever named them was long on hope and short on veracity. But we'll see if the tender loving care we plan to give these trees makes a difference in the taste of the apples.

Otherwise, they will be made into apple bread.


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