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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sure Signs of Spring

I've got crocuses -- pretty little yellow ones. A lot of them, really, considering how few bulbs we planted a few years ago. The yellow ones have taken over the place where they were planted.

While we were out getting bread this morning, we stopped in the dollar store. I saw cute little gardening ornaments here and there, so I poked around a little more. Bulbs! For glads and ranunculus and something else, which I've forgotten now but I really should have gotten.

Then I spotted the seeds! They were just the 4-for-a-dollar packages, but I got sunflowers. Last year my husband and my grandson planted a row of them and they grew taller than my husband. The seeds didn't get dried properly so we had to buy them again this year, but it is so much fun to plant something that grows that big and showy.

Once the stores put out the seed packets, you know there is no going back! Spring is coming. Now the sun is out, too!


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