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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I Get a Little Help From My Friends

I have friends in the writing world who give me a boost from time to time. I'm going to tell you about one or two from time to time.

Have you ever noticed at Amazon or Palm Digital that there is a place that says "People who bought this book also bought..." That's where I find some of my friends. And the first I'm going to tell you about is Michele (yes, only one l) Bardsley.

I met Michele when she was one of my roommates at a conference in Chicago. She is one of the wittiest, funniest, most creative-thinking people I know. When her ebooks are selling, mine sell -- that's what a good friend she is. When Daddy in Training sells, Once Again a Princess or Time of Possession sells. When Michele's current book Wild Women sells, my current Diamond in the Rough sells.

Michele was the big winner of Writer's Digest's last writing contest (can I pick a pal or what!) and went to NYC to take her pick of several agents. Her agent has already come through for her.

Who says print publishers won't buy from ebook authors? Cross that one off!


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