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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Comfort Food

I don't cook much. People around me have complicated recipes and are proud of the food they produce. My daughter can make a chocolate cake that will make you cry. My husband has an apple bread that people rave about. His chili is great, even if it's a little brilliant.

I make macaroni and cheese.

It's easy, uncomplicated; I figured it out for myself. It sticks to the ribs, is a great platform for ketchup. It's cheap.

There are times when nothing will do but turkey and dressing, or steak and baked potatoes. A submarine with all the fixings can make my day. But when I really need to feed my soul, I get out the casserole and whip up some macaroni and cheese.

I let anyone else around have as much as he wants, but the leftovers are mine. I reheat them for lunch and pour on the ketchup. (I like Heinz when I can get it, but store-brand will do.) I can have a smile on my face for three days!


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