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Friday, January 20, 2006

Some Things I Wonder About

In the last thirty or so years, food products have had nutritional information on whatever space they can spare. It's taken a while for it to be codified and explained and made useful to the public -- or to me, at least.

But does it really make sense?

The other day, I decided to see how many little crackers they were talking about in a "serving." We have some very small bowls we use for neatness sake (yeah, right), so a grabbed up a handful that I thought was what I wanted, and counted them into the bowl. There were twelve crackers. Number thirteen was made up of parts of three crackers -- but broken crackers and cookies don't have as many calories, do they? Some of them fall out in the process of breaking up.

But the box said that a serving was sixteen. So I put three more crackers in the bowl. You know what? When I got to that last three, I really didn't want them. Ate them anyway.

But aren't nutritional facts on some packages a waste of time. They are on candy, of all things! Ketchup. Barbeque sauce. Pickles. Popcorn. Ice cream.

If you're eating that stuff, you don't really care about calories and protein and carbs, do you?

If your sweetie gives you a heart-shaped box of chocolates, are you going to eat only a Recommended Daily Serving? Heck, no! And your sweetie better not get between you and the dark chocolate!


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