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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tea, and the Defense of Civilization As We Know It

Shortly before Christmas, my favorite teapot met with a disaster -- the lid was broken when Husband was in charge of it. I have other teapots, but it's not the same. That pot, even though it was a second, was Royal Doulton. The lines were clean, the color pure, the capacity perfect for our family. Bummer!

Son took me shopping Tuesday, and we stopped by the Royal Doulton store. We looked, and looked -- and then a nice woman asked if she could help us. We found a teapot that was -- well, even more perfect, more elegant. It is white porceline, tall and stately, sensuously rounded, tastefully outlined in silver. You can look inside and, when holding it up to the light, see the trace of the trademark on the bottom.

It holds six cups of Earl Grey. Order has been restored to the universe, or at least to our household.


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