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Friday, February 03, 2006

Art Can't Be Rushed

No, this isn't about my long-departed Uncle's about a quilt I'm making.

My close friend's daughter was married last May, and the previous November, I started thinking about making a quilt for her. Oh, the decisions that have to go into a project like this! Pattern -- color -- fabric! Then I had to find time. I was making another project at the time, to say nothing of the writing and the gardening! It came done to several exercises in simplification, but even so....

Today, I hope to finished sewing the top together, putting the backing together, and having it ready for the machine quilter tomorrow. Yes, I know it's long past the wedding. Gee, I just hope it will be back here and bound by the girl's first anniversary. After all, the machine quilter is an artist too!


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