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Thursday, February 02, 2006

On the Subject of Politics

Okay, I know I should leave this subject alone. We live in Tennessee,which is a Red State -- and we are Democrats. Husband has been a Dem for a long time, even prior to my knowing him. I was a Republican until I saw what was happening in Watergate, and the next day started working for McGovern -- and you know where that got me.

But politics in Tennessee is a grass-roots thing, especially in rural counties. A young man who has decided to get in at the bottom rung, and whom we know slightly, announced for the office last fall -- and the election isn't until this fall. He has signs up all over the place. I won't get into the technicalities of the Tennessee system, but I think part of his campaign it to scare anyone else away from running, which is a great tactic, when you think of it.

Back to being a Democrat. Husband carelessly and against any advice from me, had he asked, sent a contribution to the Democrats somewhere. At least it keeps the mailman coming to our house. The other day, he got a lovely picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton, theoretically autographed. He actually bought a $1.50 frame and framed it. There have been some rather adventurous suggestions made, most of which have been voted down.

I'm hoarding a sticker that touts voting Democratic to possibly plaster somewhere where it will get a reaction, but I'll probably think better of it.


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