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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The President Is Disappointed

We've made it through another January. Last night we celebrated with Husband's "Walk-By Chili," so called because any time we walk by the stove, we have to stir it. It was accompanied by cornbread.

After the meal, Husband took some of the leftovers to the neighbors, leaving me unsupervised to amuse myself. I made a great discovery! I could sit in his recliner in the living room, in front of the one television that gets the WB channel, and watch Gilmore Girles. So there I was, reclining, covered with the STEELERS (Yeah!) throw he got for Christmas, chatting through the commercials with Son, comfy and cozy.

I didn't like the commercial, so I reluctantly pulled the remote out from under the throw and muted it. Then I thought, I wonder if you can zap the TV through the throw. Oh, yes! Husband, when queried at his return, hadn't known that. He had to sit on my loveseat with my quilt for a bit -- without his remote.

Now, what is going to disappoint the President at this point is that, when the show was over and I came back to the computer, Husband went to his cache of movies. He pre-empted the President's speech for Animal House. There were times when I actually heard him laughing.

At least, he didn't mute the Prez through the Steeler throw!


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