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Monday, February 13, 2006

Nextel's New Gadget

On the Nascar program yesterday -- okay, sometimes there just isn't much that is watchable on Sunday afternoons -- the color announcer showed an electronic gadget that allows race fans to watch what is happening on the track (closer than they can probably get), the television coverage, or interviews with drivers, etc. from the relative comfort of the grandstands. They can go for a beer and never miss a thing while they stand in line! If they are with a buddy, they can both get headsets and listen together.

The fans will rent these things from Nextel, or maybe buy one for around $400. And, of course, they are sturdy -- thoeretically.

Now, race fans who will plunk down a C-note for a fancy jacket, travel long distances, stay in hotels for long weekends, etc. might just find these gizmos are great to read an electronic book on! Maybe gal race fans can load on a couple romances to read -- when they can wrestle the gizmo from their guy.

But, gals, if you're interested, you can get other units to read on more cheaply. Your Palm Pilot is great, Blackberry likewise. And if your kid has an original Gameboy, you can get a program online that lets you load ebooks.

Now, I'm not certain that the Nextel thingie does download ebooks, but it would be nice!


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