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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Coming Out of Lurk

I'd been having trouble finding time to blog, and then things turned ugly.

About a week ago, we had four power surges in close succession -- no time to turn off the computer. Then the phones went out, and when the phone came back on, we couldn't get on line with either computer. Mine still (sniff) can't get on line.

Something had happened to reverse the polarity of the power coming into the house from the telephone line. Granted, telephone lines don't carry a lot of power. But still -- things got messed up. We thought that the guys who had been fussing around the pole across the street were trying to fix our problem. Au contrare! They knew nothing of our dilemma. They were working on something else!

Finally, the telephone company sent a young fellow around to see what he could do. He shifted wires around and corrected the reversed polarity, but he found that somehow one of the lines in the house was grounded and shorted out.

So son's computer could go back on line! Hooray for that, but since my computer didn't have an adequate surge protector on it as his did, my computer will have to go back to the shop when I can afford it. Our computers are back to not communicating.

The err is human, to really foul up takes a heard it here first.


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