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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On My Way Out The Door

I'm about to leave for the Electronically Published Internet Connection's (EPIC's Annual conference in San Antonio,TX. It's going to be a much larger "do" than was originally thought. We were hoping for 75 participants -- we've got 104. Generally, there are a few companions along -- this time we have 35 or so.

We held a writing contest for Middle and High School kids. We didn't get a lot of entries, but we got some good ones and two of the kids are coming a great distance to pick up their awards. We hope that the New Voices contest will grow to national recognition over the years to come.

But it is the quality of participants, not the quantity, that makes a great conference. If this is anything like other years, even jaded old authors like me will learn something.

So I'll get back to you sometime in the middle of the week (It takes a while to stop laughing and catch up on my sleep!) with a report!


Blogger September said...

Hi!!! I didn't realize you had a blog, or I'd have been here reading it. :) My son is 12 now, and writing. Can you tell me more about this contest? He's writing Epic poetry, with a Shakespearean flair, and I'd love to have him enter some contests. Thanks much! -Bear

5:12 PM  

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