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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cook-ie Enabled!

Son began nattering at me. "You haven't blogged in two weeks." I quibbled, not wanting to break away from my quilting. (What, you thought I was writing? Silly you -- this month has an R in it!)

So when I came to a convenient stopping point -- the bobbin ran out of thread -- I fired up the computer and came to the blogger site. Whoa! It said I was cookie disabled. That is one of those messages I defer to Son. I was tempted to go get a cookie, but with Thanksgiving coming, I'm watching that sort of thing. I went back to the machine and wound a bobbin; Son worked his magic. So here I am.

Our church had its Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night. It takes all day to prepare. The potato-paring crew started at nine AM, dessert cutting started at noon, deliveries to shut-ins and others in need started at three. The tally for this year? We delivered about 375 meals, fed about 75 people at the church, and some of them took home meals to their friends, neighbors and relative -- all totaled, we fed nearly 500 people. Although we never ask for donations, somehow about $275 was left behind as seed money for next year.

Do we have a big congregation? No -- only about 50 active members. A big church? No, our little old building dates to 1876, and is bursting at the seams. The kitchen is small, we need a couple more classrooms. The Lord will probably provide. With cooks like ours. . .

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Duty Well Done

Yesterday was Election Day. I can't remember a time I've missed an election day since I registered as a voter. They are all special one way or another. Some better than others.

No matter how elections turn out, it is win-some and lose-some, isn't it? Here in Tennessee we had a whopper of a senatorial race. The less said about the ads the better.

But what I come away with is that my husband and I struck up a friendship with a woman who was between us in line. We found out she's new to the area, doesn't know her way around too well yet, and is alone a lot. Since we don't live far from the place where we voted, we told her to follow us home, and we gave her a generous slice of husband's banana bread, a copy of my latest book and told her things she needs to know about the community -- mainly about our church's Thanksgiving Dinner on the 18th.

So the election didn't go completely the way I wanted it -- WE made a new friend! It was a good day!