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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Came in a Box!

When Husband came home from church Sunday, he was less a fount of information than usual. He handed me a prompter and kept saying, "Just wait. It's coming. -- Oh! There it is."

It was Gerald and Louise Barbee's black pick-up truck, and it drove into the yard as close as it could get to the end of the walkway to the house. Well, Louise s one of my favorite people so I went out to say hi.
But they were busy unloading things from their truck -- a rosebush, shiny gift bags, a big green utility box with things poking out of it. A Sunshine Box! For me?

Well, I've put things in SunshineBoxes for other people, often without much thought, usually without putting my name on the token gift. But so many things in that box seemed to be thought out -- things I needed or can use. Two pair of scuffie slippers, night/lounge wear, puzzle book and quilting books that have bearing on current work. Snacks! and fun things!

I was totally taken by surprise, overwhelmed with gratitude -- and appreciation of the thought and humor and friendship extended to me. Next time that big green box shows up in the vestibule of the church, a lot more of my thoughts will be going into it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recuperating Is Not for Sissies

But I think I'm going to make it anyway.

It helped that, the other day when I went to see my doctor, he looked at me, took a step backward and said, "You look good for being eight days post-op!" Guess that's the best you can get from a surgeon.

I didn't tell him that I tried to grab a quick nap in his waiting room. The Bard said: "Sleep knits up the ravelled sleeve of care." Who am I to argue that?

But I'm trying to do as many of my little chores as I can handle within the parameters of doctor's orders and not leave things in a mess just because someone will pick up after me. Church tomorrow? I'll decide at the moment.

Healing can't be rushed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

End of A Crisis

(Titles are EASY--it's the content that's hard!)

I'm totally lucid and appreciating life's little things. Having met a lot of people--some of whom I didn't want to meet but are crucial to my recovery. I see a way clear to my only finish, to not only finish my project but begin new ones.

Friday, August 06, 2010

A Crisis Forced Upon Me

I thought it was a hemorrhoid. After all, I had borne three healthy children, all of whom weighed over seven pounds, and I'm not a large woman. My doctor -- a lovely woman with whom I have good rapport and a lot of confidence -- examined me examined me and thought it was a hemorroid, too. She suggested, considering my age, I might want to have a colonoscopy. I gave it a few days thought, mulling over all the aspects of our conversation and decided -- it would be a good idea.

What we both thought would be no big deal turned out to be a cancerous tumor in a very uncomfortable place. By next Tuesday noon, it's not going to be there anymore. Things are more complicated than I thought, involving complicated, irreversible changes to my body and my lifestyle. I didn't think, when I got the initial news, that I was going to be able to cope.

Now I'm a little more reassured. I've met some very positive and reassuring people who have explained things and answered questions -- some before I asked them.

The period of adjustment isn't going to be easy, but I have the support of Husband and Son, the congregation of my church and a lot of friends on the Internet. I won't post about details, but if anyone else finds themselves with a similar situation, I'll try my best to be a part of their support system, as so many are supporting me.